Well, after a whole lot of deliberation, here is Villi Manilli’s inaugural remake project: “It’s a Sin”.

Farshad and I are both enormous Pet Shop Boys fans, so we figured that one of their tracks seemed like the ideal subject for our first foray into the world of studio work.  We hadn’t come across any good remixes of it, figured the legendary local Sin City night could use a remake of “It’s a Sin”, and thought that a stripped down electro-techno crossover would go down perfectly with the crowds sweating it out at underground dancefloors around the world. We had planned to relase this shortly after it got previewed at a few local nights/parties, but my refusal to stop obsessively tinkering meant that we were still tweaking sounds way after the hangover from those party wore off. Hopefully we managed to capture a little black leather and low ceiling in those Cirez D-inspired synth stabs.

Did we totally butcher it? We’d love to hear your feedback.  If you’re a DJ, give it some dancefloor love and let us know how it goes over.

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