In general, I love discovering origins of where things come from, specially when it comes to music. When I first got my copy of Miss Kittin & The Hacker’sThe Beach” back about 6 years ago, and proceeded to fall in love, include it on my Nudisorder mix and play it over and over, I always thought they had either sampled or recreated parts of The Human League‘s “Don’t you want me“. Of course, right? Yesterday, Pig Radio was playing at my house (not Daft Punk), and I thought “The Beach” had come on. Then about a few seconds into it I realized the radio was playing something that had the same bits, but was not the same song. Yup, they were playing Gary Low’s 1983 song, “I want you“, and definitely not Human League’s “Don’t you want me”.

After hearing this, I thought “I want you” was probably the song that Human League also used for their hit, so I did some Googling. Well, not much turned up on the subject, so I am going to concluded that since “Don’t you want me” came out in 1981, and since Human League are in a totally different league that our beloved 80s Italo one-hit wonder, then Gary used “Don’t you want me” for his song, which in turn MK&TH sampled for “The Beach”.

“The sun is shining tonight, the sun, the moon, the city lights… I can’t remember where I am, it could be Cannes, St. Tropez or Tahiti… give me some oil, I like to be greasy and tanned, sand in my hair… I forgot my sunglasses. Oh, we should send a postcard to the label, it must be freezing in Munich right now… One more thing, my glass of Martini dry is empty; more ice next time. I hope there is new stuff from Detroit at the record shop when I’m back.” Yup, there you have it. Enjoy, happy new year, and all the best in 2012!

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