Ceebas and Abasi of DelayNoMore spent the first weekend of January in Whistler, skiing during the day and working on music at night. While working on track selection for their set at the 1st SiGNAL Niice! ™ party with Tom Middleton (UK) and DJ Pandemonium, they decided to make a mix-down of their own. The result can be heard below!

We have been keeping this track exclusive and playing it over the last couple of months with great feedback, so we thought it was time to share it online with you! Check it out and let us if you like it, and if you would like a copy for yourself to play! Send us an email to delaynomore /at/ redlounge.ca (replace the ‘/at/’ with the ‘@’ symbol before sending).


-Abasi of DelayNoMore

Kaiserdisco – Amalfino (DelayNoMore Whistler Powder Mix)

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